It all began when several years ago I switched over to organic wholesome foods. It's icredible how clearly you begin to sense all the tastes and flavours when you eat clean, you never even thought there was such a variety! Having discovered this irresistable world of flavours you get immediately swallowed up by the world of culinary arts.

The next step to starting this blog was when I got a bread machine as a birthday present. Let's not talk about several excess kilos that I gained at that time - fortunately I have already lost them - but I got really excited learning and playing with various ways of making all the kinds of dough. After that I bought a number of Jamie Oliver's books and inspired by Jamie's recipes and shows and gorgeous food photos in his books I started to study basic cooking techniques and as people use to say succeeded in it greatly.

To show the results of my studying I took pictures of the dishes I made on my mobile phone (yep, this happens, too) and sent them to my friends and family. And as my inspiration and skills were improving with every passing day, I decided to buy my first Canon camera. I continued to study food photography and styling and I finally came to my own photography style and angle of view on picturing the food. I am now proud to say that 9 of 10 people looking at my photoes say the same thing: "We want to eat it! We want it immediately, right from the picture!"

All the food cooked in this blog is kosher and contains only kosher ingredients.

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Bon App├ętit!

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